Similar to HomeAssistant and OpenHAB, but made with .net core and ❤️ in Florence, Italy


My goal is to explore the IoT world and create a completely versatile custom home management platform. The intent is not to compete with other systems, but create a good programming sandbox


Thanks to: Bart Kardol (@bkardol) !

Help request

I'm looking for people to help me with the project, please contact me!


  • .NET Core 3.0
  • Scripts Engine in JavaScript (using Jint 3.0.0 beta)
  • UTF-8 support
  • Metric and imperial measurements support
  • Routines (set of instructions)
  • Automatic device detection and discovery (via Bonjour/mDns protocol)
  • Docker native support
  • Simple config System (pluggable and in YAML format)
  • Multiple NoSQL database connectors: LiteDB, MongoDB, JsonFlatFile
  • Plugins System: API library on NuGet
  • Community driven development
  • Low memory comsumption (about 60 ~ 70 MB)
  • WebSocket server for dispatch events
  • OpenAPI / Swagger / ReDoc Api documentation (/redoc /swagger endpoints)
  • Isolated filesystem (secrets keys are stored encrypted)
  • States management (object and boolean states)
  • Metrics (with InfluxDB/Kibana/others support)
  • Telegram bot for notifications (you can also execute js code! )
  • WakeOnLan function (you can turn on your system!)
  • Alarm system for morning wake up 😂

Actual implemented components

  • MQTT Client
  • Weather (Dark sky API)
  • Spotify API
  • Sonoff-Tasmoda
  • Philip Hue (local and remote API)
  • Panasonic Air Conditioner API
  • OwnTracks (via MQTT)
  • ~~Nest Thermo (disabled, because the api are changing)~~
  • Chromecast (thanks @kakone)
  • mDns/Bonjour devices listeners
  • Broadlink device
  • Plex hook receiver
  • Sonarr (here)
  • Radarr (here)



docker pull tgiachi/neon:dev
docker run -it --rm  -p 5000:5000 -v /home/user/neon:/neon -e TZ="Europe/Rome" tgiachi/neon:dev

Default config file

You can download here and rename in neon-config.yaml

Script engine example

To make event management easier, I created a very simple system of rules

Add named rule

add_rule("test_rule", "Weather", "entity.Temperature > 30", function(entity)  
     log_info("test", "It's hot!")


var isTommyAtHome = {
  is_home: true
set_state("i_m_at_home", isTommyAtHome)

Commands system

// Turn on philip hue lights group
send_command('light_status', 'Bedroom', 'ON')


// Add new routine
add_routine('my_test_routine', function() {
  log_info("Hi from Routine")

// Call routine

Alarm system

add_alarm("test_alarm", 07,32, function()
  log_info("It's time to wake up!");

Notify action via Telegram

  setTimeout(() => {
    telegram('Hi my name is Neon');
  }, 5000);

Wake On Lan